Fast Casual Executive Summit Recap

The 11th Annual Fast Casual Executive Summit was recently held in Dana Point, CA. The trade show event offers the opportunity for restaurant executives to interact and learn from one another in engaging group sessions over the course of 3 days.

Eric Lavinder, Executive Director of Operations within the ML Food Group, participated in one of the event’s sessions as a guest speaker for “3 Ways to Optimize Labor Efficiencies and Cut Costs.” The session focused on showing operators how outdated and inconsistent scheduling practices affect profitability, along with tips from the experts on how to combat these problems.

“It was an energetic and engaging session. A lot of great discussion about creating efficiencies and how to solve the everyday problems that operators face. I was honored to be a part of this panel and I thought the summit, overall, was an incredibly informative, enjoyable experience,” said Eric.

In his ML Food Group role, Eric oversees all field operations for corporate and franchised locations, the construction department, distribution and logistics, vendors, new store opening process, compliance and brand standards.